Fine Washi Art

Japanese Traditional Fine Art with Washi


Fine Washi Art promotes traditional Japanese fine wash art.

Established in February 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia, and developed with assistance from various partners, Fine Washi Art has grown within a short period of time.



Born and raised in Japan, Gigi migrated to Australia in 1997. In her professional life, Gigi's maim focus has been on her career as a beautician and hairdresser, an occupation which has been a constant source of pleasure and pride for her. Fascinated all her life by working with colours in her work as a beautician, which includes dressing Japanese clients in kimono Gigi was entranced by how bright colours can be blended to create exquisite effects in all aspects of daily life. Taking up flamenco dancing as a hobby introduced her to the wondrously coloured embroidery of the flamenco dancing shawl and saw the birth of a blended passion: her joy in the dance and in the beauty of the colours of the dancing costumes.

In the field of traditional Japanese fine arts, hand-crafted paper, washi, treasured for its range of textures and colours, offered Gigi a means to further explore her passion for colour. Through her work as a beautician, her passionate connection to flamenco dancing and its colour, her deep aesthetic appreciation for the exquisite range of your and texture in washi paper, Gigi has developed her own unique pathway, "Gigi's World", as an independent artist in the field which she calls Fine Washi Art, and in which she is gaining a high level of recognition.

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